Abandoned theme-park "Land van Ooit" 

"Land van Ooit" 

When I was a little girl, my parents toke me to this theme-park: "Land van Ooit". A theme-park specially made for little kids. 
You can find this place in Drunen, The Netherlands (see google maps). Since 2007 this theme-park is bankrupt and it's now abandoned.


This theme-park was based on a knights theme with much emphasis on theater. There were many actors who played a character.

This park spoke about himself if it were a real country, with inhabitants (Ooiters), other nationals (niet-Ooiers), knights (visitors) and their lackeys (parents). Children are the boss in this park, not their parents, that's the rule!


Heusden, a town in The Netherlands, bought this place and is responsible for the nature reserve and the pink castle. 

The new name of this place called: Poort van Heusden and is now a park to walk and it has a free entrance. 

The pink castle is the only remaining real estate of the former "Land van Ooit".


(Photos were taken by my father, best friend Jody and myself. We love to photograph and like to make more of this day trips together. Thanks guys for this great day!)

Google maps hotspot Land van Ooit 

Photo Gallery Land van Ooit

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